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Thank you for your interest in the RegioStars Awards.

To vote for your preferred project, press the vote button visible on each individual project page.

To help you with your choice, we invite you to look through all 5 categories before selecting a project to vote for.

SMEs with bright ideas that make a positive impact are found in the ‘Smart Specialisation for SME innovation for SMEs’ category.

In the ‘Energy Union: Climate Action’ category, you will find those nominated for their contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as part of the EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Framework.

Those looking to readdress the gender balance in the EU have been nominated in the ‘Women Empowerment and Active Participation’ category.

Nominations for the ‘Education and Training’ category are proof that the EU recognises their valuable work towards a healthy economy and social cohesion.

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs focused on urban living are praised in the ‘CityStars: Cities in Digital Transition’ category.

Please remember: you can only vote for one project.